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Top 3 Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods In Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.



How many times you have had professionals at home and you have been disappointment from the results? In order to prevent that, we will give you some advice how to choose the proper cleaning company and what cleaning methods to require from them.

Here are the main and most applicable carpet cleaning methods, which Inland Empire Carpet cleaners use:

-         Dry carpet cleaning: it is one of the most effective cleaning processes. It doesn’t contain water, which make the cleaning process faster. The method requires powders usage or biodegradable compounds. A special brush opens the carpet fibers and in that way the cleaning detergent has the chance to get into the most stubborn stains and degrade them. It is recommended to stay there for a couple of minutes and then to be removed with vacuum machine.


-          Bonnet cleaning: that cleaning process helps to keep clean the upper part of the fibers. A special machine with spinning head absorbs the dirt from the carpet. The very big advantage of that cleaning process is that you don’t need extra time in order to wait the carpet to get dry.


-         Hot Water Carpet cleaning: also known as steam cleaning. That is the most environment friendly cleaning method. It does require detergents, but they are applied by using a brush. The cleaning equipment is very powerful and spreads the steam all over the carpet. In that way it is being rinsed and when that part of the cleaning finishes all you have to do is to wait till it gets dry.


Inland Empire Carpet Cleaners are great professionals and they can fulfill all the requirements you have. When booking their cleaning services consult with the agents on the phone. They are located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  and will assist you in the best way you deserve.


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