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Tips when Choosing Carpet Padding In Rancho Cucamonga Ca.


How often do you think about the carpet padding when you are about to buy or install a new carpet? That part of the valuable item is very important, because it protects your carpet, the floor and your health.

Here are some tips provided from professionals with many years good experience – Inland Empire Carpet cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. they have seen many different problems and dealing with them and get the knowledge to deal with hard situations.

1)     When you are at the store and wondering which pad to choose, you need to ask yourself a several questions.

-          How high the traffic in that area is? How often you will go over it?

-          Are your kids will play there? If yes, you need thicker one. 

-          Are you going to use a wheel chair in that part of the house? If the pad doesn’t bother the wheels.

Here are the different types of paddings:

-          Urethane foam – that one is not really recommended for areas where the traffic is high. The rubber creates “air pockets” and that make the carpet softer.  So, you can choose this one for the rooms, where you don’t go that often.

-          Wafer rubber – that type was one of the most famous ones, but nowadays people do not use it too much, because it causes too many cracks to the carpet. 

-          Flat rubber – this one looks like the one before, but it is much better. It is not very soft, but it provides very good carpet protection. It is very solid, flat and heavy, so it is quite stable for all of the places in your house.

-          Bonded urethane - Inland Empire Carpet cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca strongly recommend this one, it is very common and soft. If you need a thick one it is not the best choice, but it will protect the environment, because it is made from foam chips.

If you have some additional questions feel free to ask our professionals and they will help you to choose the best padding you need. 

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