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Protect Your Carpet from Pet Urine In Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

Protect Your Carpet from Pet Urine

When we have a pet our life is completely different. We have to take care of one more member of our family. And we have to provide not just food, water and shelter. We have to take it out for a walk, to comb its fur, etc. Unfortunately, very often our pet used to pee everywhere. And that is a big problem.We will share with you the best urine cleaning tips ever. Here are the steps, which are provided by Inland Empire Carpet.

- first, you have to blot the stain as soon as possible. When you see it, take a paper towel immediately. It is good to use paper, because you will prevent stains spreading.

 - now, you can make the cleaning solution. Mix warm water and some dish washing detergent. Apply it to the problematic area.

- Remove the moisture with your cleaning tool. After that, you have to rinse with clean water. Repeat the step until you do not see urine on the paper towel.

- another cleaning solution contains vinegar. Mix it with water apply to the spot. Rinse with warm water and at the end dry with well.

- also, you can use ammonia. But be very careful while applying it, because it can burn your hands.

Do not forget to mix it with water. So, repeat the steps above.

- the last advice do not include cleaning ingredients. Just damp some paper towels and stack them with something heavy. This will help you to absorb the urine.

 Now, you have removed the stain, but you can smell the bad odour right? Here are the priceless tips from Inland Empire Carpet in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Unfortunately it is very hard to do it. Yes, there are some special urine cleaners, but most of them are dangerous and it is better to ask professional cleaners for help.


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