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Our technicians have 5 to 15 years experience in carpet cleaning Rancho Cucamonga,CA.  The technicians use special gentle and efficient cleaning products to remove the stubborn stains from your carpet. The products are good for your carpet and your health as well. So, you can start using your carpet 2 to 3 hours after we leave your property. Do not waste your time anymore and call our professionals. They are waiting for you to provide you the cleaning services you deserve.
Unfortunately, most of the people do not know how often they have to take care of their carpet. So, they use it for very long time without removing any dirt and grime. Do you even know what you could remove from your carpet? The most dangerous things in your carpet are: the germs, unresolved stains, sand, mud, etc. If you do not look for that kind of harmful items, you take the risk to get some very bad Allergies. And we all know our health is the most important thing. Below, you can see some of the most efficient cleaning ways, which you can apply, by your own:
- Shampoo carpet cleaning;
- Bonnet carpet cleaning;
 Steam carpet cleaning;
1. The first thing our cleaners should do is to analyze your carpet, otherwise they cannot apply the proper cleaning solution.
2. Pre-vacuuming the carpet – the process will help to remove the bigger parts of dirt (such as hair, sand, etc.)
3. Applying the proper cleaning product.
4. Rinsing the carpet – our cleaners would use special cleaning machine to do that.
5. Most of the times it is necessary to groom the Carpet Fibres.
6. Drying the carpet - we use our cleaning techniques to do that and usually it takes 2 or 3 hours.
After the carpet is cleaned once, our cleaners recommend applying special carpet protector. In that way your carpet will be clean for longer time. And when you start removing the stains next time, it will be much easier. So, stop wondering, which the best thing for your carpet is and call us right away. We will come fully equipped and all you have to do is to have a break and enjoy your time spend with your family and friends.For experience carpet cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga,CA.Call 760-662-8849
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