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Dry Carpet Cleaning or Wet Carpet cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.


Many people want to succeed by cleaning the carpets on their own. Very often they apply cleaning methods, which make their rugs dirtier. If you already have the picture in your mind and know what I’m talking about, you better read the text below and stop making the same mistakes.

The best cleaning ways are these which manage to protect your health and carpet. The guys from Inland Empire Carpet cleaning recommend dry cleaning. The advantages, which will provide you, are:

-         Using less water -> avoiding moister problems;

-         Shortens the drying period;

-          Protects your health and lowers the damages could be caused to your carpet.

There are two dry cleaning methods:

1)    Encapsulation – the cleaning process is very simple and doesn’t include any water. The main idea of it is to make the dirt into a dust. So, when the cleaning process is over, all you have to do is to remove the dry dirt. That cleaning method ensures you perfect conditions: minimal usage of water; your carpet would not shrink or discolor; the carpet will remain slightly yet, so there is no need of wasting time in order to get dry.


2)    Dry compound carpet cleaning – the cleaning detergents which you have to use are totally biodegradable and there is no way to cause some allergies to your family or to damage the carpet. A special rotatable spinning machine put the cleaners in the carpet and after some time when the dirt is out, Inland Empire Carpet cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga,Ca  will remove it using a vacuum cleaner or some other powerful cleaning equipment. 


We didn’t mention anything about wet cleaning. Why? Well, the combination of shampoo and water talks to itself that you will have lots of foam. So, you will have to rinse the carpet very harsh and wait till it gets dry (if you leave it at home, it could cause mold formations, which is extremely dangerous for your health). 

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